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Data Protection Statement:

It is part of the Trustees’ responsibilities to ensure that grant applicants are suitably qualified under the terms of the charity’s governing document. Trustees, therefore, need to investigate the personal circumstances of applicants. The personal data supplied on this form and other information relating to the application will be held on file. Some details may be checked with relevant organisations since the charity reserves the right to investigate and verify what you write in this form, but no details will be disclosed for any inappropriate purpose. You may have access to your personal information on request.

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When you have completed the application please arrange for the Chairman or Chief Executive of your organisation to sign this declaration.

I confirm that this application has been approved by my organisation's board or managing committee. To the best of my knowledge the information provided on this application form is correct. If the Consolidated Charity of Burton upon Trent agrees to make a grant this will be used exclusively for the purpose(s) described in the application.

I agree to the Consolidated Charity making any enquiries in connection with this application.