Grants to Organisations

Numerous organisations such as churches, registered charities and voluntary groups request help towards various projects, each of significant importance to these bodies and to the residents of the Charity’s area of benefit.

It is the current policy of the Charity to aim to balance its grant-making to benefit all sections of the community more or less equally. The Charity makes both capital and revenue grants. It is current policy not to award grants to fund salaries.  The Trustees meet twice a year to consider applications.  Meeting dates for 2020 are 9th March and 21st September with deadlines for application receipt 21st February and 4th September.

Some organisations that ask for help operate outside the Charity’s area of benefit but still provide vital help or services for the residents within the area of benefit. Grants made to such organisations are calculated on a proportionate basis.  

The Consolidated Charity of Burton upon Trent operates a grant monitoring system to ensure that all applications are for the public benefit and that monies awarded are properly used for the purposes specified in the application.

NB It is current policy not to fund salaries.

Grants to Individuals for Relief in Need

The Consolidated Charity of Burton upon Trent recognises that many people can find themselves in difficult circumstances, often through no fault of their own. Whilst the state provides a wide range of benefits and support there are some instances where people need help and the state cannot assist.
This scheme operates to provide relief for those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage. It provides people with help to purchase essential items such as;

  • Cookers, fridge freezers and washing machines
  • Carpets, furniture and bedding
  • Mobility aids
  • School uniforms

The Consolidated Charity of Burton upon Trent does not award grants to clear debt.

Applications must be supported by a support worker or other suitable professional (eg Social Worker, Probation Officer, Tenancy Support Worker, Health Visitor). The letter of support should contain a detailed reason why the applicant needs assistance and should clearly state the items that are needed. The letter must be on headed paper and signed by the person supporting the application.

Educational Bursaries for undergraduate students

The bursary scheme aims to help undergraduate students resident in the Charity's area of benefit with the costs associated with studying for a university degree. The trustees introduced the scheme in 1998 in the wake of the reduction in student grants and the introduction of tuition fees.

The schools and colleges included in the bursary scheme are Abbot Beyne School, Burton & South Derbyshire College, De Ferrers Specialist Technology College, John Taylor High School, Paget High School, Paulet High School, Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic Sports College and Derby Grammar School.

Each bursary award is currently £500 per annum for three years. Care should be taken when submitting applications as the current policy of the Charity is to award a maximum of 40 bursaries a year and competition is fierce.

The Bursary scheme for 2020 is now Closed

 The 2020 Bursary scheme is now closed

Grants to Individuals for Education and Personal Development

The Charity awards grants to individuals for a variety of other purposes including;

  • Further education and vocational training
  • Organised opportunities for personal development
  • Sports activities
  • Arts scholarships

The maximum grant available is £300 in any one year. However individuals may make further applications in subsequent years.

The Consolidated Charity Organisation Emergency Fund 2018

Please contact us for further information about the Emergency Organisation Fund 2018.

Emergency Organisation Fund Applications are now Closed.