A Burton charity handed over a record-breaking total of nearly £735,000 to good causes in 2017

The Consolidated Charity of Burton awards a wide variety of grants every year but demand for its support has never been greater and trustees have responded by handing out more cash than ever before.

The largest slice of the money awarded in the last 12 months came from a special emergency fund opened up for organisations which have received funding cuts, to help buy them breathing space to build a sustainable future.

A total of £431,744 was awarded from this fund.

The charity also awards Relief in Need grants to vulnerable people who find themselves unable to afford basics such as cookers, fridges or school uniforms. A total of £58, 207 was awarded in this area.

Another £50,100 was given out in educational bursaries to give a helping hand to young people with their studies.

More than £190,000 was awarded to charities, organisations and groups who helped make a difference to the community in Burton.

All together the final total for 2017 was £734, 701.

Consolidated Charity chairman Ben Robinson said: “These are difficult times for both individuals and organisations and we were delighted that the charity was able to help not just through our traditional grant awards but also by the establishment of our emergency fund, which we know made a significant difference to a number of very important organisations in the town.

“The charity works hard to generate revenue so that we can distribute it where it has the biggest impact and we look forward to carrying on that work in 2018.”

This entry was posted on January 18, 2018