A Burton charity has handed out £39,257 to organisations who can make an impact in the community.

A Burton charity has handed out £39,257 to organisations who can make an impact in the community.

The Consolidated Charity of Burton made seven grant awards at its latest meeting.

They went to:

Paget High School - for a litter-picking project involving staff and pupils;

Burton Athletics Club - to provide javelins for up and coming athletes;

Asthma Relief - to provide nebulisers for use by sufferers;

St Peter’s Parochial Church Council - to help with the costs of restoring the church roof;

SARAC - to help with its support of victims of rape and sexual abuse;

Burton Elim Pentecostal Church - to help with interior renovations;

Burton Albion Community Trust - for its Football Fundamentals project.

Some of the grants awarded were subject to the applicants finding full funding for their projects.

Consolidated Charity Chairman Ben Robinson said: “Yet again we have been able to hand out a considerable sum of money to a diverse range of organisations who have sought our help and who are all undertaking work that will have a direct benefit for our community.

“We have been able to maintain this support even after having committed £800,000 in the last two years from our Emergency Relief Fund which was set up to give vital organisations who were facing grant cuts breathing space to create a sustainable future.

“The charity is unable to commit to that level of funding going forward without jeopardising its future ability to meet its obligations but we will continue our regular commitments to providing relief in need grants, educational bursaries, almshouses and organisational grants.”



The Consolidated Charity is an endowed charity which aims to benefit the residents of Burton by providing almshouse accommodation and by making charitable grants to individuals in need and to organisations which serve the community.

It is thought that the charity dates back to the 16th century to the time of the dissolution of Burton Abbey and the craft guilds. However, the first recorded reference appeared in 1709 when there was an inquiry into the condition and administration of the Town Lands charities which were later to be amalgamated into the Consolidated Charity.

Amongst the early benefactors were William Finney, Abbot Beyne School, Lady Paulet, Ellen Parker, Richard Allsopp, Francis Astle, Richard Bowle, Mrs Almond, Mr Robinson, and Elizabeth (Beth) Johnson. Over the centuries the charity has gradually accumulated a number of town properties, workhouses, almshouses and financial bequests from a wide variety of sources.

It is run by a group of volunteer trustees. Anyone wishing to apply for a grant or to find out more about the charity should visit www.consolidatedcharityburton.org.uk




This entry was posted on October 5, 2018