Christmas Cheer for local Children

Dereks Tree 1

The Consolidated Charity has recently handed over £1,500 to help provide Christmas presents for underprivileged children in the town.

The  Charity  has made the donation to Derek's Tree to enable even more youngsters to receive gifts this year- a project that has been helping spread a bit of festive cheer for 21 years! The tree can be seen in Coopers Square in Burton and generous shoppers are being asked to buy one extra gift for less fortunate children. 

The tree project was created by Derek Liddle, who works with a team of volunteers each year.

Shoppers are asked to remove a tag from the tree with the name of a child for whom Christmas maybe a tough time – perhaps because they are unwell or have been taken into care. They then buy a present and bring it back to the tree for it to be wrapped by volunteers. The gifts are then distributed to a range of charities ready to be opened by children on Christmas Day.

Sandra Phillips, Chair of the Charity’s Relief in Need Sub-Committee said: “We are delighted to support Derek’s Tree – a project that spreads so much happiness and goodwill at Christmas. The Consolidated Charity is here to make a difference to the people of Burton and we believe this is the perfect way of offering a helping hand this Christmas.”

This entry was posted on November 25, 2015