Emergency Relief Fund to support Citizens Advice, Burton

The Consolidated Charity of Burton is helping to ensure that the Citizens Advice organisation will continue its important service in Burton after it faced closure in the town.

The Charity had allocated Citizens Advice Mid-Staffordshire three years of funding from its Emergency Relief Fund – a special tranche of cash that was available to help organisations facing funding cuts to bridge the gap to a sustainable future.

Unfortunately, it was announced earlier this year that the Mid-Staffordshire group, which includes Burton, would have to close and would no longer be able to provide its help and advice service to residents.  But a neighbouring service, Citizens Advice South Derbyshire and City, has stepped in to extend its service to cover Burton.

Now, at the latest meeting of the Consolidated Charity, Trustees agreed to transfer grant support to the new group. A total of £123,127 was originally awarded with £24,115 left to be paid this year and a further £23,755 in 2020, both of which have been moved to the South Derbyshire group.

Ben Robinson, Consolidated Charity Chairman, said: “The Trustees have always recognised the important role Citizens Advice has played in providing vital support for people who often have nowhere else to turn.

“The Trustees therefore felt it was important that we continued to offer financial support and we have agreed that the funds originally allocated to Mid-Staffordshire will now go to support the new service offer in Burton.

“We hope this helps sustain this important service for the people of Burton for the long-term future.”

David Symcox, from Citizens Advice South Derbyshire and City, said: “This is a much appreciated and certainly much-needed support for Citizens Advice in Burton and for people who seek our help.
“Without this support there is no question that a Citizens Advice service for people within Burton would not exist.

The funding received will be a big benefit to vulnerable people in Burton as well as acting as a springboard for us to develop provision for the future.”

This entry was posted on May 31, 2019