Increase to Relief in Need Grant Awards

ONE of Burton’s leading charities has responded to the growing number of people facing a debt crisis by increasing the relief aid it hands out to struggling Burton people.

The Consolidated Charity of Burton upon Trent helps those who find themselves in financial difficulty with grants to buy things such as cookers and washing machines.

The Charity’s Relief in Need Sub-Committee has been able to award grants of up to £400 to families and individual applicants who are in severe financial difficulty.

But with the continuing pressure to make cuts in the welfare budget and less cash available for support services, the Charity’s Trustees felt that it was time to increase the grant aid that could be offered. It will now grant up to £600 to people in crisis.

The Burton Citizens Advice Bureau recently reported a huge increase in the number of people needing its help.

Nearly 9,000 people visited the CAB in 12 months, up from 5,000 the previous year, with 27 per cent having difficulties with welfare benefits and tax credits.

Sandra Phillips, chair of the Consolidated Charity’s Relief in Need Sub-Committee, said: “We listen to a lot of support workers including the Citizens Advice Bureau, who recently explained to us about the increasing number of people who come to them in financial difficulty.

“The Trustees felt that we had to respond by increasing the maximum level of help we offer in order to meet this growing need.”

The Charity doesn't offer cash grants but instead pays for essentials such as carpets, white goods and school uniforms.

Anyone who is in difficulty and who lives in Burton can apply by visiting the website at, picking up an application at the Smith Partnership in High Street, Burton, or by calling the Clerk’s office on 01283 527067.

This entry was posted on July 15, 2015