Queens Award

A mental health charity which received vital funding from The Consolidated Charity in 2017 has gone on to receive a prestigious Queen’s Award.

Changes Tamworth is a small, independent charity which has been helping people with recovery from mental health issues since 2016 when it was founded by Yvonne Street.

Working with Tony Colbourne and six volunteers, Yvonne offers a 12-step support programme that helps people who receive her free services.

The Consolidated Charity gave Yvonne a £3,100 grant which was vital in helping her get Changes on its feet and secure further support.

She said: “We had nothing at the time and were doing market stalls just to pay the rent, so we are always grateful for that funding which set us on our way.

The charity operates in Burton through Peel Croft Surgery.

Yvonne said: “The doctors there are amazing and open minded to everything. Covid has set us back but we hope that will return to normal soon and we haven’t stopped supporting people.

“I have been calling 60 people a week, which is not my job, but we needed to keep that contact with people and keep them on track. It’s so important to have someone to speak to.

“There are no magic pills for dealing with mental illness, but we help people to learn to live with it, not suffer from it.

“We have 400 odd members and 1,600 followers on Facebook.”

The Queen’s Award is the equivalent of an OBE and acknowledges the outstanding work Yvonne and her team are doing.

Yvonne said: “The Queen chooses the recipients herself so it’s amazing to come from nowhere and achieve this honour. It’s unbelievable.”

Find out more at https://www.changestamworth.com/

This entry was posted on June 14, 2021